LaCla Ltd.

We are unique in Sardinia to be specialized in the production of sectional doors

Laclà It is a company that is headquartered in Sanluri, We specialize in manufacturing insulated sectional doors. Thanks to an extensive network with over 350 reputable retailers are able to operate in Sardinia and Corsica.

Laclà, with over 40 years of history, It is now a company that wants to be a reference point for their countrymen. Relying on a very slender and productive organic, you will have a reliable partner in selection and installation Your sectional door, so reflect your personality on your door; in the field residential, industrial or commercial depending on your needs.

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scelta del tuo portone sezionale/ da garage"


If you are looking company:
• Reliable;
• On time;
• Need;
• Proficient;
• With only staff within the company;
• That no savings on the quality of materials;
• With serious and assistance available;
Then we can do for you!


If you are looking:
• Free estimates to be compared with the competition;
• generic and approximate Consulting;
• Materials imported from who knows where;
• low-price products;
• Problems in obtaining assistance;
• Our Services made in a hurry;
Then NON we can do for you!
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They have shown great dedication and professionalism, and not just in words. The door has nothing to envy to the previous, indeed actually it seems more robust and of excellent quality and never gave a single problem, but if in the future he had at this point I could be in good hands. Sardinian this company strongly advise anyone who wants to close your garage without worries. Thank you.
Serena R.

Serena R.


I must say that I was initially skeptical, more than anything else about the service presented during the purchase, but nothing to say on the door really high quality. It was presented with a remote problem 6 years not attributable to the door, but due to a short of my electrical panel which did not allow more than door operation, even the electrician called the same day he realized what had happened. So I contacted the Laclà, that after 2 days joined me, They have identified and corrected the problem and to my amazement I did not have to shell out a penny, what about consigliatissimi courtesy quality and professionalism.
Carmen T.

Carmen T.