Sectional garage doors

portone sezionale aziendaPORTONE SEZIONALE AZIENDA


We are the ONLY producers of Sectional Doors in Sardinia.

Laclà Ltd., and the first company to have produced sectional garage doors in Sardinia (in 1998). We're even the only island company specialized ONLY in the production of sectional garage doors in its Sanluri factory.


Unlike competitors, dealing with dozens of different products (including manual overhead doors, gates, windows, wooden doors, roller shutters and blinds etc.), we do ONLY sectional garage doors crafts. This gives us the advantage of guaranteeing great attention to the only product we make.


For you it means compare yourself directly with the motherhouse, and of to have every door individually controlled avoiding possible malfunctions, due from a sample check as occurs in large industrial plants in the rest of Italy.


In fact, our competitors, that import sectional doors, often and willingly run into these problems. (Not for nothing do we carry out about 58 interventions per year of maintenance, and replacement of competition doors).


Our product is aimed at whom, once you have installed your garage door, he will want to have a relationship of trust with his supplier in the years to come, and a constant and available presence in Sardinia; for us your confidence is important, and it should be fed over the single sale end in itself.


Unlike the competitors who:
  • In case of need they will make you wait a long time because they deal with dozens of different products;
  • Not having a workshop, they cannot satisfy all your requests;
  • They only talk about how quality the product they imported is, but that really they do not know;
  • Conceal details in the consultancy phase, because the product belongs to third parties and they do not have full control over it;
  • They try to attract you with the lowest price, why convinced that the customer is not able to evaluate the differences;
  • They often make use of unauthorized installers, why "so nothing ever happens", beware of disputes!;


Our company instead it has a clear strategy to eliminate future stress:
  • We are specialized only in sectional doorsi. Not dealing with different articles, we are always able to follow you at 360 °;
  • We are fast and efficienti. Inspection in 24 / 48h with the study of space and release of the quote on the spot;
  • Transport and assembly in the morning Only with skilled staff; (attention to this leaves the validity of the guarantee!)
  • Spare always available in 24 / 48h parts; Even after years and years, since we make them;
  • We service express service, the fastest in Sardinia in 24 / 48h;
  • Deliveries 20 days circa, compared to an average of 40/50 market days; and once a date is set, there will be no delays;
  • Recovery 50% of expenses incurred, If you want, we would make the request for you ourselves, avoiding paying a consultant.
  • We have only CE certified material.
Contacting us for you means:
  • handcrafted; each door is controlled individually, and not by sampling as in industrial plants with risk of malfunctions;
  • Having a first class pre and post sales;
  • Having a place of physical production and confidence, where we invite you to go when choosing, to have the pleasure of meeting us;
  • Avoid that later 2 O 3 years, the dealer no longer processes that product, at that point how do you think to find the spare parts?
  • having a all inclusive solution. You contact us, to think about the rest of us;
  • To avoid, in case of need, rebounds of responsibility between producer (foreign or offsite), and retailer.
  • Having a craft workshop, we can satisfy particular structural requests.

We have chosen to devote ourselves to one thing, specialize in that and do it with passion while respecting customers.

No coincidence proudly, ma only thanks to your trust, we can boast of having the largest number of sectional doors installed throughout the island than any competitor (to date approx 8100).

Sai, often that customers consider only a few data before judging; but when they get the information they need to make the right evaluations, really find out what the best offer.

Are you really willing to save (when it happens) a few hundred euros, and then find yourself with a product that you will not be able to appreciate over time?

Download for free, the guide to the right CHOICE OF YOUR GARAGE DOOR!


If you are looking company:
• Reliable;
• On time;
• Need;
• Proficient;
• With internal skilled personnel only company;
• That no savings on product safety;
• With serious and assistance available;
Then we can do for you!


If you are looking:
• Free estimates to be compared with the competition;
• generic and approximate Consulting;
• Materials imported from who knows where;
• Low-cost products, or pellicolati panels;
• Problems in obtaining assistance;
• Our Services made in a hurry;
Then NON we can do for you!
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They have shown great dedication and professionalism, and not just in words. The door has nothing to envy to the previous, indeed actually it seems more robust and of excellent quality and never gave a single problem, but if in the future he had at this point I could be in good hands. Sardinian this company strongly advise anyone who wants to close your garage without worries. Thank you.
Serena R.

Serena R.


I must say that I was initially skeptical, more than anything else about the service presented during the purchase, but nothing to say on the door really high quality. It was presented with a remote problem 6 years not attributable to the door, but due to a short of my electrical panel which did not allow more than door operation, even the electrician called the same day he realized what had happened. So I contacted the Laclà, that after 2 days joined me, They have identified and corrected the problem and to my amazement I did not have to shell out a penny, what about consigliatissimi courtesy quality and professionalism.
Carmen T.

Carmen T.


I must say that the insulation also acts as acoustic insulation, I wasn't expecting it sincerely. They are precise and punctual, I highly recommend them.

Giorgia S.