In addition to classic and elegant shades of faux walnut or cherry wood, and white, further customization is its ability to colorize choosing from the wide range of RAL colors available.

We use the powder coating, being the material to be treated ferrous (Steel specifically), because this type of paint has a greater yield in terms of durability of this kind of material.

With this procedure, the paint is sprayed by guns that are electrostatically charged; the plant attracts dust that adheres to the workpiece by electrostatic effect, giving an excellent finish.

The panels of our sectional doors once made, They are now painted white to give them a first protection; when the hue of the color choice, They are treated with two additional painting (after using suitable anti-corrosion and adhesion products) that are remote given two days apart.

This is to facilitate the proper absorption and drying of the paint, in order to achieve a professional result and eliminate all types of imperfection. This procedure, combined with the highest quality of paints that we use, make our products more weather-resistant panels 20% than you can find in the traditional way trade treaties.