Complete guide for a correct building practice; about maintenanceordinary or extraordinary, building renovation with updates to 2021, CILA or SCIA.

Below we would try to clarify and give us answers to some questions that torment many non-professionals who try to make their way through the different opportunities that are available to those struggling with building practice or more simply a construction intervention.

But it is so difficult to present it? I need a technician?

With this simple and understandable guide, we would try to shed light on the different situations in which you may find yourself. You have probably paused to think about whether you need one SHAHO permission to build, a WHAT, a ordinary maintenance O extraordinary.

You will also have thought about whether you need to make use of the intervention of a qualified technician, like an architect or surveyor, and if you risk running into sanctionsO abuse.

This is especially true when the much desired is involved tax deductions, and the possibility of using the reduced rate at 10%for renovations.

Let’s start with the basics.

Ordinary maintenance

These works they are performed without any title, therefore we don’t have to communicate anything to anyone. They fall within the ordinary maintenance, building interventions concerning the repair works, renovation and replacement of building finishes or necessary to integrate / maintain existing technological systems.

Per technological systems we mean the heating systems, conditioning, the water-sanitary one, air exchange, electric, cooking gas and smoke evacuation (flue or chimney).

They do not require any building permitthe demolition and reconstruction of the floors, of the plasters, partitions if they are demolished to be repositioned in the same point.

Same thing goes for the replacement ofinternal door and of external fixtures, for the replacement of the boileror radiators, the installation of awnings (pay attention to the condominium regulations and the facade decoration).

Also included are interventions for the’elimination of architectural barriers that do not involve the construction of external lifts, or works that modify the shape of the building;

the assembling of solar panels ed photovoltaic systems,serving buildings outside zone A (Old Town);

Extraordinary maintenance (CILA or SCIA)

The Extraordinary maintenance it concerns the works and modifications necessary to renew and replace structural parts of the buildings, as well as to create and integrate sanitation and technological services, always that do not alter the volume overall of the buildings and do not involve significant urban changes from the intended useinvolving an increase in the urban load.

The extraordinary maintenance includes the splittingupO mergingof real estate units with execution of works, as long as he doesn’t come changed the volume overallof the buildings and the original destination is maintained d’ use.

From 2020 i also fall under extraordinary maintenance non-significant changes of intended use. This is a change of use within the same functional category.

The categories are 5: residential, tourist accommodation, productive – directional, commercial and agricultural.

Therefore, if I were to turn a restaurant into a bar, you would fall under extraordinary maintenance, as both destinations fall into the commercial category.

While if you were to transform an apartment (residential) in a bar (commercial), you would not fall under extraordinary maintenance.

These types of interventions require either the SHAHo la WHAT.

WHAT (extraordinary maintenance “to read”)

The whichit’s a Notification of Sworn Work Start, that is, it involves the involvement of a qualified professional (“Designer” or “certified technician”).

IMPORTANT: Being a communication, does not require the approval of the Municipality. You can start work right away, or set a date for sending the file!

It is presented by the owner, or by anyone who holds a “right in rem”, at the Municipality (One-stop shop for SUE Construction) territorially competent. It can also be presented by the tenant who uses the property.

Even a licensed professional (as aarchitect, a surveyor or engineer) may present the WHAT, if delegated by one of the owners (all co-owners must agree on carrying out an intervention).

The certified designer or technician is required for the compilation of declarations and declarations of its competence. The technician, in fact, declares that the works created through WHATcomply with the relevant legislation.

Interventions falling within the CILA

Changesinterior spaces, with moving partitionsand non load-bearing dividers,the creation of against plasterboard ceiling

The opening is also included, closing or movingof doors and fixtures, reconstruction of a private sewage system, Waterworks, electric, of heating, and the construction of an outdoor swimming pool, installation and laying of flue and similar.

E’ including also the division of a real estate unit into two or more (splitting up) or amalgamation of real estate units with execution of works provided that the overall volume of the buildings isnot changed and the original intended use is maintained.

Also in this case, the interested party submits the project design and the WHATthrough a technician who certifies, under his own responsibility, what jobs are compliant with the approved planning instrumentsand current building regulations.

It should be noted that for new heating systems the deposit of thelaw 10 signed by a professional to ensure energy savings, while for the new electrical systems, gas and heating must be drawn up ddeclaration of conformityby the installer.

SCIA or building permit (extraordinary maintenance “heavy”)

Simplifying, the SHAH(certified notification of the start of business), replaces the CILA, when the intervention concerns works that insist on structural elements (load-bearing walls, beams, pillars, solai etc.), for which the project drawn up by a Engineer and registered with the Civil Engineering Department (office where the structural calculations are deposited).

Typical examples are the circlingof a door or window on a load-bearing wall, the construction of an attic, the roof renovation, the consolidation of foundations, of the pillars or beams, the drilling of an artesian well etc. The SCIA, Moreover, it is used for the change of intended use.

Practice more “complex”, which requires authorization to proceed from the Municipality is thepermission to build. The latter is used for new buildings, the elevations, extensions or heavy renovations.

If you have already carried out an intervention, not contrary to regulations or standards, without communicating it to the municipality do not worry, it’s possible “remedy the abuse”, without you have not had an increase in volume; this will result in a small fine of around € 1,000 (the sanction will depend on the extent of the abuse).

This penalty is reduced by two thirds (333 €) if the communication is made spontaneously when the intervention is in progress, through “Cila or Scia tardiva“.

Till today, it is also possible to request the tax deductions for renovations and / or l’eco bonus for energy saving.

Indeed, you are entitled to the building renovation tax deduction (50 %) in case of Extraordinary maintenance in the properties ad exclusive use(is. apartment or single-family villa) o di ordinary maintenance in common parts(condominium).

Finally, since July 2020 it is possible to join the mythical Super bonus 110%.

LaclàSRL is always available for a comparison and a quote for one of our sectional doors, falling within these deductions, contact the3701539930.


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