Cagliari. Cagliari. Expo Fiera or, no matter how you call it, It remains only one certainty; the gates also for October will remain closed.


Following the event in May, another delay for the event that should represent the redesign of the now former Tradeshow.


Sardinia Mediterranean Expo (the Expo to be held in Cagliari) he is having many difficulties in taking flight for what is considered, by insiders, a springboard to contribute to the economic and cultural development of the territory.

It was clear the President of the Fair, Gigi Molinari explains: “You have crossed two similar events, scheduled less than a month away. For wedding and tourism, and exhibitors would have been a problem participating in both appointments due to a question of costs related to logistics. Not everyone is Cagliari, there are those who, for example, comes from Olbia, that’s why it was decided to move it to November”.

In addition the President, announced that the days will be halved from ten to five to create an event that with the cost of one ticket, allows to also attend a series of evening shows.

There are plenty of malicious, who claim that the cost required, too high, It has driven down the adhesions of Sardis traders.

Another important step given the seasonality, It is that the event should take place in the pavilions Indoor; thing among Exhibitors leaves many concerns, It saw that the rain might keep away a massive slice of possible visitors.

When the new date should be fixed?


Expo CagliariItems that leaked, unofficially, they understand that discuss this issue again next month; probably from 13 al 17 November.

We can consider definitive jump dates -From October 18 al 27, and wait for the revival of the event that should make us forget the last years, not really exciting, Campionaria Fair in Cagliari.

We atLaclà, from our part, we will keep you updated on any changes to the dates of the event through our corporate channels.

We would like to thank all those who have become available in coming to see us at the Fair (Expo Cagliari), reminding you that we will attend the next meeting with our sectional doors per garage.

You can contact us for any clarification, or send a request for price quotation free.