The best solutions for your business


The sectional door company Laclà it’s ideal if you want to combine our vertical scrolling technology with a range of benefits that go:

  • by saving space
  • durability safely

The doors Industrial Sectional Laclà ensure stability, functionality and maximum securityto those who require extreme practicality in the workplace; be it a business, a GDO (big organised distribution), an industry or used by beverage wholesalers and food vendors.

Sectional door for company use


The sectional door Teacher of Lacla, can have manual or motorized.
In the case of manual door, instead of motorization are inserted winch chain and deadbolt.

You can work with any type of inclination of your ceiling, we would take care of finding the best solution in the workplace.

The sectional door company powered, It is made naturally by the motorization, to which are added photocells, flashing and remote controls.

For us Safety at work is really key, and in order to safeguard your business, we respect the stricter safety regulations.

For this,both manual and motorized version, They are inserted a series of systems safetyt hat are:

  • Anti spring break device
  • Cable break device

foreman, You will be able to facilitate the production phases of your activities, in every sector with maximum comfort and safety.

Sectional door duration per company



Over the past few decades, we have now installed thousands of industrial doors throughout Sardinia. From Cagliari to Sassari, islands included, they do their job very well, ensuring maximum safety for those who use it.

We ourselves have had about ten sectional doors for about twenty years, that followed with a minimum of maintenance, they will accompany us for many more years.

If you want to have a consultation with one of our experts, contact us through i corporate channels, or more informally through WhatsApp HERE.

All our doors, they are marketed only after passing a series of verification and acceptance tests. With a Laclà door, every day you will work in absolute safety.


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