• Our experience since 1970 beyond 50 years (registration in the register from 1976)
  • The only company to produce in Sardinia
  • Production, assistance and sales with only specialized personnel within the company (we do not rely on anyone
    external representative)
  • Our production network consists of craftsmen specialized in the sector
  • Same day assistance and interventions
  • Certification (CSI) of the gate (Civil) residential sqm. 25,80 (Mt. 6,00x 4,30) Unique in Europe (perhaps
    in the world!)
  • Certification (CSI) of the gateindustrial sqm. 38,745 (mt.7,00 x 5,535)
  • All panels REINFORCED inside
  • SOMMER engines (Germans) tested for 85.000/90.000 cycles, equipped with engine block that prevents
    intrusion from the outside to strangers
  • Torsion springs with operation on 18.000/20.000 cycles (not tensile max 1.200 mounted cycles
    sideways, how many competitors use to lower costs!)
  • Possibility of one wide range of colors panel: light and dark wood effect plus all RAL colors
  • Possibility of one wide range of articles to be inserted in the door leaf eg: pedestrian door, porthole, grids
    ventilation, muffler exhaust grilles, customized windows and shutters, etc.
  • Availability of allthe parts of the door at our warehouses (In Sardinia)
  • Maximum attention to the workplace
  • Respect of the pre-established installation dates
  • Total respect of the safety regulations in both civil and industrial sectors
  • Maximum availability of collaboration with other workers on the job site
  • Maximum availability in the counseling service before, during and after the execution of the work
  • Maximum availability in assistance in the post sales service
  • Use of approved and certified material only, no Cina is not in Europe

And if you had any further need, we will be happy to agree with you any solutions.