We are the only one specialized company exclusivelyin the production of sectional doors, also called garage shutters. Nati Laborall, in 1976as manufacturers of aluminum frames; become Laclàin 1998to meet the new needs of the market with an innovative product.

Thanks to your trust, we have produced and installed the largest number of sectional doors in Sardinia (circa 8000, data at 2018). We are not the first to have brought or made any product in Sardinia, but we are the first company to have created only one product first, the sectional garage door, in our factory in Sanluri.

Since, we do this job honestly, Precision and passion. A passion that right in 1998 It was built our first sectional door, that without betraying the origins of our Earth we called house. Domu.

Being able to count on a reliable, high number of retailers throughout Sardinia, our goal is to spread quality and convenience of the product.

Ours is a small company, which recently introduced the CRM tool, with which we can provide assistance pre- and post-class absolute sale. So you can always count on a prompt and personalized service.

Our aim, it help in your needs and installation of your closing through our highly qualified staff. We test each garage door individually to avoid possible malfunctions. For years we have relied on a German engine that is currently the top of the range. We carry out our site inspections, assistance and maintenance in record time.

Our garage doors are part of the house bonus withtax deductions of 50%, for building renovation.



portone sezionale industriale colore giallo con copertura in alluminio