Ecobonus 2020

New Year, with a new door Laclà.

What better way to start the new decade, except with the make a nice gift with a comfortable sectional door? By now it is increasingly in the automation, and the old iron gates, tilting and sliding shutters are going into retirement.


For those in the New Year sees a better start, a year full of changes and improvements, the incentive will certainly not be missed Ecobonus 2020 which allows you to recover the 50% on costs is dedicated to building renovations, and the energy upgrading of their building. And weLaclà, with our garage doors, even in this 2020 We would be here with you to accompany you in the choice that will give a touch of renovation to your home.

If you are wondering how to access these incentives, read our guide!

Guide for the recovery of the costs incurred for building renovation.

Even for the 2020 it was confirmed that the bonus offers the opportunity to recover 50% of the costs incurred for the renewal of its own garage, box o posto auto.

For who will support building restructuring costs, O upgrading energy, from the 1 January 2020 al 31 December 2020, You will benefit from the personal income tax deduction for the 50% of the total value of the restructuring.

The respective tax deduction will then be divided and retrieved the next ten years, starting from the tax return (IRPEF share) which will be compiled in 2021.

How it is calculated, specifically, the personal income tax deduction of 50%?

Let’s say you go shopping 20000 euro, the expected deduction is of 50%, therefore you deduct 10000 euro. These 10000 euros you will receive them in the form of “IRPEF discount” (deduction), in ten years, so I am 1000 euros per year.

Who is it that can benefit from the personal income tax deduction?

  • All those who have real rights on the property, including also cohabitants;
  • The condominiums for all interventions on the common parts of the condominium;
  • Tenants of a home;
  • All those who have the property on loan for use.

What must I do to be able to enjoy?

You must have the certification that proves that the product you are installing, complies with the directives to benefit from the Ecobonus 2020. (I our case, we would release it).

  • At the date of the request, the property must be stacked and must have paid any taxes.
  • The work I have to refer to modification or replacement of existing works, not as a new installation.
  • You can replace cars, pits and buried or covered garage, provided that they are linked by relevance constraint with the dwelling.
  • The purchase of the door must be carried out in the year 2020.
  • The bonus is valid also for second and third homes.

How and when do I have to pay for it?

Each payment, even if it is an installment paid as down payment,It must take place only after regular invoice, and by bank transfer speaker.

Payment must be reported to renovations, and bring:

  • the reason for payment.
  • tax code of the recipient of the deduction
  • VAT number or tax code of the payee

whether it is building, tax code of the administrator or the condominium making the payment.

For any doubts, remember that it is always advisable to contact a professional to avoid surprises.

I remind you not to rely on smart companies. ENEA can carry out checks and will ask you for all the documents mentioned above. Keep them carefully.

For completeness we report an article by‘ENEA to learn more about the topic Ecobonus 2020.


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