Garage door

Do not let the autumn comes into your home

In this article, in short we would find out why during this season, the garage door, it is an excellent ally.

Even in Sardinia it has been surpassed the last glimpse of summer. Climate change, It characterized by rain and constant wind is a classic of the autumn season, which it is increasingly hard to get used.

humidity, especially in some areas of our island, and the strong mistral wind blowing from the north-west (that descends from Corsica, and particularly it affects Sassari and Oristano), means that some of the most exposed to these weathering home environments become damaged.

This happens very often not only in fixtures and finishes, but also to objects stored within these spaces.

With a few simple precaution, we can protect our home and ourselves from these drawbacks, deciding to close the fall out of the house, and our doorway!Garage door

Thermal insulation with associated benefits


Think about when you are coming home in the pouring rain and you have to get out of your car to open the gate. Surely you rather do it from the comfort of your car, avoiding to challenge the bad weather, operating your garage door by remote control.

But this is just one of the benefits of this solution. Thanks to a special internal coating of the mantle of the panels of 42 millimeters, and the perimeter seals in EPDM, when closed your door will prevent water, the wind, moisture and dust from damaging the objects stored internally.

The special coating, in polyurethane foams, It is appreciated as an excellent acoustic insulation. These benefits translate into a cut in energy expenditure, because the panels retain heat for a long that it has come to create.

Benefits ed aesthetics


The sectional door LaclàIt is equipped with a German engine tested for 85000 cycles, and all the materials are resistant to high and low temperatures. His accurate painting, and the composition of the same, It prevents delamination of the coat.

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