Today we report yet another work done in the province of Cagliari; Quartucciu to be exact. The one with the citizens of the province of the Sardinian capital is an indissoluble union, that has been going on for many years; In fact one of the first sectional doors that we made was installed here, in 1998.


Over the years, Cagliari has become one of the largest catchment areas in which we have done our jobs. In fact, our garage doors enjoy great confidence in particular in Cagliari.

This is also because of the many busy roads, and the chance to escape this inconvenience given by the garage door, which allows an opening at a distance by remote control.

After more than twenty years we can say with certainty that garage doors Cagliari, they have given our customers a fair compromise between elegance and convenience for closing their garage or commercial space.

We must say that many jobs that we perform come from the references made by our clients, satisfied with the received works, They have in turn recommended Laclà relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Word of mouth based on satisfaction, has meant that despite the different competitors, Also in Cagliari we are the first company to jobs executed; This is because we are only in this specialized with all advantages deriving.


During these twenty years, we have carried out work in any kind of stable; give her villette all individual homes, give her campidanesi houses a entire blocks of flats, not forgetting the many activities that have entrusted us with the closing of its business premises he public entities.

In the photo below, we are in a way quite narrow and one-way ride, where sometimes they are formed of bottlings; tired of this, Mr. Serra decided to use a remotely activated solution.

Garage doors in Cagliari

Referenced by Mr. Cardia who twelve years ago gave us his confidence for the closure of his garage located in the center of Cagliari.

We are proud to have become the industry benchmark for our region; but without you all this would not be possible, why we have decided to reward your loyalty.

We invite everyone to Sardinia Expo Mediterraneanfrom the 18 al 27 October you can find us in Hall B.

During this event, You receive the best offers that we can reserve.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us at 0709307953 or send a request for price quotation, the advice of a specialist you could help assess the best solution for you.