Are you looking for a quote for a garage door-shutter for Cagliari-Sassari-Oristano-Nuoro?


The more the years go by, the more your old sliding shutter, or tilting it is, grows old and begins to do tantrums becoming increasingly difficult to push or lift. Let’s face it, age advances, and you no longer want to strain your loins as you did thirty years ago. You probably start thinking of Request a quote for a garage door, a overhead door etc..


You look around, in fact, you’ve probably been doing it for some time, to look for the best solution that the market offers you. You will have come across several solutions, but the most modern one came to your attention and let’s face it, even the one with the best aesthetic impact.


Garage shutter.The sectional garage door.

Nevertheless, for a while you will have kept thinking -“I almost fatten this old shutter and go on as long as it lasts”- then, a little thinking about your poor back, but above all to complain to your wife that when you are not at home she is forced to leave the car outside, you find yourself at a crossroads.
Some will decide to opt for the grandparents’ remedy, others to change the well-being of their family.
If you’ve made it this far, you are probably among the latter.
At this point, you will open your pc or smartphone more likely, you will go to Google, and you will try to extricate yourself between the various offers, who will try to attract you with you:


  • the highest discount
  • who does a little bit of everything
  • who says they have the highest quality
  • there are those who talk about made in Italy
  • or who talks to you about how good he is at everything
  • and even worse, by those who say nothing to you, if not “buy from me!”


A moment. But what is the most important thing for you? You thought about it well before requesting a price quotation?

Let’s start by saying, that before making a decision, you should be aware of the things to keep away from that I will now explain.


  1. By those who speak only of their quality.
  2. Who attracts you with low price
  3. Who tells you that the door is adaptable
  4. From who makes you a quote, by quoting everything separately
  5. Who he claims to be “bravo” to do everything
  6. Some don’t care about you
  7. Others reply late

The quality, as you know it is not perceptible, except with evidence generated over years of honored service and satisfied customers. But when you go to check its veracity, for what you can, for example through reviews, most of the time they are false. You will find -Maria, housewife- Diego, architect- Mauro- Marco- and so on; the reviews must contain a name and surname and maybe a real photo, verifiable!

When they come up with a price of 30% lower than the market average, or at least they get there (with the discount), an alarm bell should ring. Indeed,unless they produce in Sardinia thus reducing costs they could not afford it; they are probably buying stocks of recycled materials or second-rate products.

If they tell you -“this door is adaptable by 2500 to 3000 mm in width, and come on 2000 to 2500 mm height”. Run away while you are on time, these dealers are unlikely to even give you advice on the spot. The garage door is a particular product, it is absolutely not adaptable; must be carried out on the basis of an inspection and precise measurements. Probably, they will try to attract you with a very low price. If you rely on gold, certainly over time, you will experience stability problems, noisiness, etc.

When you request aprice quotation, it must be clear. Everything must be included, mounting, transport, site inspection etc.. Be careful when you are asked for a deposit close to 30%-40% of the total amount, and indicate too long delivery times (usually come on 40 days onwards, attention if they refer to the weekdays will be two months).

Ask immediately to know the brand of the door that will be installed, they must be immediately determined and precise. Be wary of those who tell you that depending on the type of door you choose, they will find the best one for you. The truth is the opposite, that is, depending on the type of door you need, they will find the one with the lowest cost, to marginalize more.

If the dealer you contact, sells dozens of different products (gates, door, windows, solar tents, blinds, overhead, mosquito nets, PVC windows, wood etc.), he probably won’t be highly specialized in anything particular. They will sell some good products, but which ones? You feel like risking?

They send you a quote and then they don’t care how you rate it? Times have changed, before there was the habit of thinking that whoever does not contact you is because they have a lot of work, a lot of request, short while. The truth is, that’s not their business! Maybe it’s a surplus; if he can sell that product, he is fine, otherwise patience and go on with what you pay more attention to.

They respond late to a request for a quote? In what time do you think they will answer you if you need assistance or have a problem? Always ask, not only those who take care of the door assistance once installed (obviously who sold it to you). Instead, ask who takes responsibility for the door warranty (intended as factory defects, they could occur after a year). This thing is often omitted, but you specify it. If the responsibility falls on the manufacturer attention, the dealer and manufacturer will try not to take the blame, you run the risk of falling into disputes from which you will hardly get out of it quickly!

I hope I have helped you with this short guide, however always seek the advice of an expert, if you want to know more visit the siteLACLASRL, where we would investigate other aspects regarding motorized garage shutters only (sectional doors). You may also be interested in having information on’Ecobonus 2020.

So if you are convinced to request a price quotation for a garage door, do it with experts who only do this damage, but with really good results.