PORTONI GARAGE PREZZIGarage doors: prices and features


If for closing your garage, you opted for garage doors (sectional garage doors), instead of for common overhead doors, prices may vary.

But based on what?


To the building material, the technical characteristics required for the options and the dimensions of the garage door, so we go from doors:

  • wood color or any RAL color, with smooth or embossed stucco finish (the most resistant to aging, scratches and bad weather).
  • up to complex steel or aluminum doors, insulated and made so that they always maintain a pleasant temperature both in summer and winter and are resistant to any type of accident.

Depending on the type of sectional doors chosen, final prices vary. It starts from a minimum of 1500-2000 euros up to more than 3000 euros for models with optional and large dimensions. For very large doors you go up to 4000 euros. Obviously, as for any product, you have to consider many things to evaluate whether the cost is a good deal, cheap products are often not of great quality.

It is important to ask for a price quotation total (all inclusive) including assembly and transport of the door, so as to have an idea of ​​the expense to be incurred!

Garage doors: What to check in a quote apart from the prices?


As we said above, let’s see some things to take seriously:

  • If a door costs 1200-1500 euro and ask for it 600, only for installation, think about it; you will probably lose what you save now in maintenance and replacement of accessories.
  • Evaluate where the proton comes from, search for the company on google, get an idea about who I am, how they work and whether their customers are satisfied.
  • The assistance on the door is disconnected from that on possible factory defects? That is, if the seller is not also the producer, you may have problems in the future.
  • Try to don’t buy products such as the two lateral counterweight springs, or parachute, as in the metal overhead doors that swing up and down. Make sure it has only one spring, it is fixed in the lintel: it is called torsion spring, it is much more resistant and does not swing.
  • Look for a German motorization that does not have less than 80000 life cycles available.
  • Make sure thatthe panels are painted and not coated!The film, it is applied over the rough surface, and with the sun it peels, ruining the aesthetics of the door. Who still sells them, usually does not say it, usually have medium-low prices please purchase.
  • Find gates perpetually on offer? Ask yourself two questions, recycled materials are also marketed.
  • Make sure there are safety devices. He must have at least three, four if the door is present.


Don’t forget that you can take advantage of the Eco bonus for energy requalification and building renovation bonus. If I had difficulties, we could be ourselves to present it for you.

If you wish to receive an accurate advice,also by telephone or WhatsApp, eveninformally contact us. We at Laclà S.R.L.by now we deal exclusively with sectional garagedoors since 1998, albeit from 1976 we treat fixtures.

We have now exceeded our wildest forecasts, thanks to your references in fact, we installed over 8000 gates throughout Sardinia. Visit our website www.laclasrl.it to get you an idea.


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