The shell in aluminum Laclà,They are designed and manufactured making use of classic aluminum processing techniques, that combined with the practicality of the slabs in compact polycarbonate(the real alternative to glass), They give life to high-quality solutions.

Depending on the intended use, our technicians and craftsmen aluminum, They will create models able to adapt perfectly to the style of the place in which they must be installed.

These types of hedges are highly sought, especially by those who are looking for solutions to cover entrances of companies; loading and unloading, covers the entrances of hotels and more.

Perfect to protect from sun and rain, They are distinguished by their high resistance to atmospheric agents; ma, at the same time, preserve an attractive style that adapts to different environments.

You can also personalize them with all kinds of colors RAL.

As with all our products, the customer will be followed by our technicians at any time, from model selection to installation.

Having been born as manufacturers of aluminum frames, We have a center of curvature of fixtures,where we make all kinds of curved frame in civil and industrial sectors. Our retailers themselves, a lot of times, They come to us for the curvature of its customers' fixtures.


The compact polycarbonate being a door quality material numerous advantages that the Plexiglas, for the characteristics of its simple materials and low cost does not enclose.

The slab polycarbonate compactis the plastic material more scratch-resistant and shock that there is, It will not chip or shatter; making it well 17 times stronger than the plexiglass.

This makes it ideal for the construction of shielding and roofing in both the construction and industrial sectors. He has one transparency comparable to that of glass but with a much lower weight, and unlike the plexiglas, his particular treatment UV on both sides It protects it from the possible yellowing due to sun exposure.

polycarbonate, having a good degree of flexibility and shatterproof, Plexiglas is much durable even when subjected to the action of a weight. The Plexiglas when exposed outdoors, subjected to solar radiation it tends to yellow, to harden and to crack.



coperture in alluminio lavorato