I sectional residential doorshouse,are made using insulated panels, horizontal sections 500 O 600 mm, covered by steel sheet. The panels are then joined together by galvanized steel hinges, in adequate number to reach the desired height.

Its operation takes place by means of a roller system, that before flowing through the lateral guides and then in horizontal guides, lead the door parallel to the ceiling; leaving completely free the passage area.

Depending on the local and the space available, to get a better aesthetic result, you can opt for a system with oblique guides (We always recommend the best solution).

houseIt is supported by a robust torsion spring made of harmonic steel, mail lintel (installed in the inner part of the local), making it extremely lightweight and safe opening and closing.

Moreover, compared to the modest side springs that are found on the market, this type of spring ensures a perfect balancing and operation of the sectional door.

All our residential sectional doors are equipped with a number of systems safety:

  • intruder
  • antipizzicamentoFinger
  • anticrushing
  • device fall and spring rupture cables.

The sectional, It can be provided in the manual or motorized version (only in industrial version).

All our doors are supplied:

  • Remote control opening and closing
  • Safety photocells
  • Flashing of moving door security
  • Engine
  • Unit with button, with courtesy light

A further variant of the garage door, born from the necessity of its use in town centers is thewood door; identical to the classic sectional door, but with the only difference of the completely wooden panel.

Residential sectional doors
Residential sectional doors


Depending on the sectional door model, you can choose different configurations:

Base; It consists of a series of steel panels.

Wood; consisting completely of wood panels, suited to city centers.

With portholes; usually inserted in the upper panels, to give light and visibility inside the garage.

With ventilation grilles; inserted in the upper or lower panels, to ensure ventilation of the garage.

With a comfortable pedestrian door, gives 800 mm a 1200 mm.

If you do not carry lintel or side space,if you prefer, We realize them we; Laclà has in fact createdVeletta System .

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TheVeletta System is the answer to the needs of the construction industry, used in restoration work.

Thanks to this system, in the case of total absence of the architrave, the opening of the passage is reduced to a maximum of 200 mm height.

Structure, It is constructed with the frames designed specifically to be mounted in the openings without architrave, or on the walls by the uneven surface.

TheVeletta System, is the answer to many situations that can potentially create, if we want to replace the garage door.

If guest does not have the side spaces (sidewalls) or one of the two, if you prefer, We will we realize.

The structure is mounted directly on existing surfaces, through an angular system in pressurized aluminum, which act as missing elements of the wall.

The opening of the passage is reduced to a maximum of 240mm in width, in case you need the realization of both lateral spaces.

Both systems, They are provided the color equal to that of the door leaf.

Residential sectional doors