News 2019, with its new format, will SARDINIA EXPO MEDITERRANEAN to be held in the Sardinian capital; whose LACLÀ SRL, given the success of previous editions, will participate (former trade center of Cagliari).


The Fair as we knew it retires,from next 18 October everything will be different. No more stand necklaces South America, and the like, but with more marked an opening to the countries bordering on the Mediterranean, hence the name Sardinia Expo Mediterranean.

It will be a completely new event, which they will also participate in national and international delegations, a place where companies will have the opportunity to hold business to business and business to consumer meetings, and then know the customers personally.

An event that was created with the objective of contributing to economic and cultural development of the territory, and give relief to the excellence of our Island, It is including ours that has surpassed the forty years since its founding.

Sardinia Expo Mediterranean will be the representation of the various proposals nostrane, with the aim of strengthening the link between the various Sardinian companies and its citizens, where we at Laclà we can show visitors the advantage that they can trust us using a product that we produce ourselves, insulated sectional door.

The sectional doorIt was widely circulated especially in the last decade, much thanks to our company due to an increase of increasing professionalism, It is so widespread throughout the region, and also in Corsica.

Why you should visit our booth?

To give you the opportunity to become aware of the functionality and practicality of this product, Laclà time (before the show, and now Expo) It offers you, in addition to the sectional door, its specializedagentsin order to satisfy your curiosity. We are also available in undertaking business with retailers fixtures, construction companies and technical studies.

Do you have a damper, a doorway, a tilting, an iron gate, a gate or sliding door? If you’re tired to toil because now:
    • They do not flow as once;
    • occupy too much space that you would like to reserve more;
    • need too much maintenance;
    • when lack themes that it should meet a spending spree;
    • you want a bit ‘of silence during their opening-closing;
    • want greater safety during transit in your car;
    • lest you become tropical temperatures in summer and winter ice;
    • You do not want to carry out building work intrusive;
    • You want to give one aspect aesthetically superior quality to your home.

Then we will be available in’illustrarti differencesyou will encounter from the moment you decide to replace them with a practical insulated sectional door(powered).

We will set up a booth with our sectional door and our specialized agents. Come to know and to try it personally;you’ll get detailed explanations in this regard and helpful advice on the project that interests you. You can also have a price quotation personalized free and arrange a visit from our agent.


You can find us in HallB of Sardinia Expo Mediterranean (former Cagliari fair) located in Viale Diaz 221, from the 18 al 27 October; give her 09:00 all 19:00.