If you believe it’s right to have an excellent support, not only before and during the purchase, then laws.


Sectional door and guaranteeow many times have you purchased a product by an average between the highest price and lowest? often I imagine At that point you must have thought he had found the happy medium between “quality and price”, it’s not true? With this what I mean? Let me explain. If you came to this conclusion, the 77% of the time as you took a rip off, or you will still only have the illusion of having concluded a deal.


Certainly the first few months you will be left satisfied, but then the first problem arrives on time. So sure of yourself, Turn at your local dealer. Then something happens rightly unexpected: after-sales service proves a nightmare! This also applies to the guarantee of our sectional door.

But first things first; You read below what the law, It should be respected.


“The statutory warranty (two years) It is recognized by sellerProduct in accordance with the Consumer Code and applicable legislation “; see the guide for consumers on the Authority’s website guaranteeing competition and market, of which we give the article.

What They do not tell you, is that often when you recherai from sellerto reclaim a product malfunction or simply help, it try to download the barrel about yourself or Manufacturer. What does it mean?

What the shopkeeper not being the producer of the sectional door, trying to evade the warranty, always end up flooding the consumer any repair costs or shipping of the goods to the manufacturer; And even when he does what the law imposes, often This brings to bear right customer like a personal pleasure.

Although the law is very clear, still the guarantee remains entangled in a ‘support postsaleinadequate. but yet the norm is clear: for two years after purchase the law will protect in case of product defect or non-compliance with promised.

Then, But, it seems that the “practical details” suffer the ‘personal interpretation shopkeepers.

  • Who pays the costs of repair?
  • And those of shipping the product to the Sales Center?
  • If I bought online the warranty is still valid?
  • Who pays the shipping and installation of the replacement product?

in conclusion, a succession of rebounds of responsibility between retailer and producer, for you, in the “best” case scenario at least it will result in a great loss of time.

It is then that you will realize how true the saying “time is money” or “who spends less spends more”.

Once a purchase, with spending no small feat, why risk having unnecessary trouble?



He, during the statutory warranty, you thought you got away “alone” with a waste of time, henceforth for any inconvenience will be red alert!

We assume that, very often, if the price of any product is “too good to be true”, simplyit’s not true!

Initially I told you that what for you would be a bargain, it was just a way to lure you into the trap of the price upwards.

Of course you could not know that from that moment on,, for every need, even the simplest of interventions, you’d have to spend hundreds of euro; Also 300/400 €, We see every day, credici.

It happens because being themselves producers, they do not have the internal technical resale, but only of installers that provide its services as a result of further compensation.

Has it ever happened that your boiler is jammed, and a simple call to the dealer for assistance, It was transformed into an expenditure of only € 100 to rotate in a valve 5 minutes?! Here, I mean this.

As simple resellers, They can not afford to shoulder the cost of maintaining customer care. Not even for the smallest of maintenance, even during the warranty period.

Can we continue with a number of additional examples, but if you’re someone like us, I do not need it. We suggest you keep in mind the saying, “It does not hide the dust under the carpet”.


We at Laclàwe guarantee that, if you will grant your trust, everything written in this article does not happen to you; Now I’ll explain why. We are ourselves manufacturer, sellers and installers of all our sectional door. We always have, in loco, of each piece parts, and no doubt we are ready to give you much more quickly than anyone that our competitors will have to go elsewhere. Never incurring the wrath in interminable waits or rebounds of responsibility between who knows how many people, remember you can always come and visit us in person at our house. Our delivery times are faster. And do not forget that thanks to a handicraft production process we have developed over 20 years, specializing SOLOmanufacturer of garage doors, we promise a more durable product than the competition. If you want to ask us to avoid inconveniences information, one one free quote.


Together with the full guarantee of our sectional door, we guarantee you:


  • the fastest delivery of the product 40%
  • more rapid assistance Efficiency 65%
  • Savings in spare parts 30%
  • longer-lasting products in time 30%