Perhaps you have been thinking for some time which product to replace an old garage door. Found the most suitable solution for you, maybe you thought about requesting a price quotation, but rightly before, you want to have as much information as possible.

But have you ever thought whether it is better to have a sectional garage door or a garage door?

Follow below, to get all the answers to your doubts.

Finally you have decided to refresh the facade of your home, perhaps after many years of sacrifices, and you’re thinking to a quality and original solution? Learn how you can do it independently, with Laclà tips Sanluri, company specializing in the production of sectional doors for more than 22 years; our first residential door “Domu” It was built back in 1998!

The sectional garage door Domu unlike the overhead door, allows the exploitation of the whole garage space, flows upwards in a smooth and linear, and not cluttered; once opened, In fact, exploiting the horizontal guides, will position parallel to the ceiling.

Unlike a tilting door protrudes outside during operation, and once about open 1/3 Mobile cloth is outside and 2/3 inside of; not exactly the best if you want to take advantage of the entire interior space.

The sectional door (also called garage door) It was widely circulated especially in the last decade thanks to a series of benefits that now we will examine.

The fact Sectional:

  • will not become never a burden on your back; in case of accidental power failure, houseIt is equipped with a freewheel system; thanks to which, through a convenient handle recessed, its opening will be too easy for a child;
  • it is easy to assemble and disassemble(if I wanted to move in the future) why do not need special masonry; unlike the tilting that, if you have a little ‘security, It needs to be walled through special steel clamps;
  • It is safe and easy to use, makes it easier to transit the incoming and outgoing; not overflowed, unlike the tilting, eliminating the risk of collision with the car;
  • in case of a collision the sectional door It is very solid and allows a much more economical repair, It can still be bruised and not to undermine its operation; a tilting once route, It should be replaced the entire panel;
  • it is insulated, the panels are of the sandwich type with inside polyurethane foams that offer thermal insulation, acoustic and anti-bacterial. The overhead door comes to have the tropical temperatures in summer and winter ice;
  • also suitable for sloped ceilings or very high; you just need to choose the most suitable type of structure to your local, the overhead does not have this option;
  • It can be customized with colors, Materials and Supplies. It can then blend in perfectly with the rest of the facade, allowing you to enhance the aesthetics of a home and increase its value in the event of property sale; You can thus obtain a result suitable for each context both from an aesthetic point of view that project;
  • It is safer, as it equipped with the engine block, It is much saferagainst break-ins;
  • scrolling through the nylon casters It is quieterwith respect to the pivoting;
  • It allows you to use the space in front of the entrance. If the size of your box are not very large, or does not have a large external driveway, can be considered that the sectional door having an aperture vertical, It will allow you to easily park a second vehicle out of the garage;
  • It is not overflowing outwards so that once opened it is not visible and does not protrude outside.
At this point you may have noticed that the differences, They are not few nor insignificant if you want to improve the quality of your life and that of your loved ones, at least when you’re in your house. Now, of course, you have all the weapons you need to make the most advantageous choice.

In conclusion: If you need space, a more durable product, not to suffer external temperatures, more security and a better aesthetic impact, surely you opt for a sectional door. If you decide to save money and not feel the need to benefit neither you nor those around you, of the above points, then you opt for the rocker.

Anyway, You do not believe that complete information is best for you? This way you can make the decision more convenient. We are fully available to give you a free consultation and without commitment, telefonicaor place of work. Or if you prefer to apply now a price quotation.

Being the first and only company specializing Sarda exclusively in the production of sectional doors, we will always be ready to advise the best solutions.