TALKING TRANSFER RENOVATIONBank transfer speaking restructuring: how do you have to fill it in for building renovations to get tax deductions for 50%?

Below you will find all the instructions not to make mistakes. The speaking transfer for renovations is the payment method to use to access tax deductions for building renovation.

Being tied to the request for access to tax bonuses for housework, it is good to analyze them precisely compilation instructionsof the transfer, as well as dwell on those who are the data to indicate inside and the causal with the normative references for the deduction on building renovations.

Taxpayers who intend to apply for tax breaks restructuring bonus 2020are obliged to make thepayment throughspeaking transfer, in which specific data must be inserted, especially as regards the causal restructuring.

Indeed, in order to deduct the cost related to renovation costs, one of the necessary precautions concerns the correct compilation of the payment transfer.

Ma how to fill in a speaking transfer, what are the correct data to enter and what to write as causal restructuring? Below is the guide.

Bank transfer speaking restructuring: how to compile it?

Here’s how you need to fill in point by point and how to make a speakingtransfer postal or bank to request the bonus building renovation 2020:

  • Reason for the transfer: normative reference, or: Payment transfer for building renovation works Art. 16-DPR bus 917/1986. It is advisable to include the invoice reference which is paid in order to create a clear link between the transfer and the specific invoice;
  • Tax code of the applicant: if the renovation bonus is required for work on houses in co-ownership, in the speaking bank transfer you will have to enter your name, surname and tax code of all owners. For renovations of common parts of the condominium, you will also need to enter the tax code of the condominium and of the administrator or tenant who makes the payment;
  • Number of P.. VAT or CF owner of the company who carries out the work and to whom the transfer is therefore made out.

The house bonus for building renovations 2020 can only be requested for payments with speaking transfer.

Important keep the receipt of the speaking transfer payment for restructuring and tax receipts, useful in case of checks.

L’Revenue Agencyhas repeatedly pointed out that without the correct data, the indication of the regulatory reference and the tax code of the applicant and of the company carrying out the work the transfer cannot be used to request the restructuring bonus.

Wrong speaking transfer: how to avoid losing tax deductions

If you need to replace your garage door or install a new one, to avoid mistakes, you can ask ourselves to present the documentation for you.

From this year we at Laclà, we provide this fundamental service to our customers.

Therefore, you just need to follow simple instructions so as not to risk losing your tax deductions, moreover, under our supervision.

Documents to take advantage of the house bonus tax deductions 50%, for building renovation.

The garage door is also part of thehouse bonus about energy saving measures that take advantage of the tax deductions of 50% planned for building renovations. If you want to use our service you will have to have us.

  • Photocopy of the front and back identity document
  • Photocopy of health card
  • Cadastral survey and useful surface [in m2] [in m2]
  • Type of home (villa / apartment / detached house)
  • Telephone number and email

We will produce the following documents.

  • Purchase invoice
  • CE certification
  • Registration and compilation on the site ENEA

IMPORTANT: In order to proceed with the insertion of this tax deduction in the tax return, the following documents must be delivered to your consultant:

  1. ENEA declaration (we would send it to you by email)
  2. Invoice LACLÀ
  3. Transfer Accountant
  4. CE certification (we would send it to you by email)

PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER TO GO FORWARD WITH THE PRACTICE, THE QUOTE OF THE TRANSFER MADE WITH THE BANK STAMP AND THE CRO OR TRDIN CODE IS ESSENTIAL.(if it is not possible to download it from home banking, it must be requested from the bank).


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