How to Organize a Small Garage

Do you have a garage but it’s very small, and you want to make it more spacious and modern?

Let’s discover some tips on how to organize a small garage!

Organizing a Small Garage: Eliminating Unnecessary Items

First of all, it is very important to make better use of your garage space by eliminating extra items that make it chaotic and disorganized.

Recycle, donate, and get rid of all the things you no longer need.

Organizing a Small Garage: Storage Containers

Once you have eliminated all the unnecessary items, you could install shelves to place all your things: fishing gear, preserves, clothes, spare parts, Christmas decorations, gardening supplies, books, and any other items you store in your garage.

Transparent plastic containers are very useful, as they can hold items of the same category. For an even tidier garage, you can label the containers with a marker to remind you of what you have stored inside, and also divide the shelves into sections: a garden area, a kitchen area, and so on, depending on what you will store in the containers.

You can also use hanging shelves or tracks to help organize the containers so they don’t fall. An alternative is to use recycled materials like iron supports.

The goal is to make the best use of your garage space, especially the higher areas.

Organizing a Small Garage: Utilizing the Wall

At the same time, with just two panels, a saw, and some nails, you can create a simple tool holder for your wall. A nice arrangement on the wall panel will give you a sense of order you never had before.

Again, you can think of dedicated panels for different sectors: for gardening, home repairs, car repairs, and so on.

The best part of using the wall is that you can customize it exactly to your needs!

Organizing a Small Garage: Folding Tables

If your garage is small but you still want to use it as a workspace, you can use a folding table or workbench. When closed, it will take up less than a few centimeters, while when open, it will be very convenient and sturdy.

Organizing a Small Garage: A New Use

If you are lucky enough to park your car elsewhere and at the same time need an office or workspace, you can transform part of the garage into an office, study, gym, or even a tavern!

Organizing a Small Garage: Choose a Sectional Door

Even though sometimes we focus only on furniture to save space, choosing a good door is fundamental.

Among garage doors with minimal footprint, sectional doors are an excellent option: the upper sliding guides of the door are installed on the garage ceiling with minimal thickness and do not significantly reduce the vertical space.

The opening mechanism of sectional doors also allows for no space obstruction in the garage, both laterally and in depth, maximizing the available surface inside the garage.

Safe, durable, motorized, and with high energy efficiency, sectional doors are also an ideal choice for saving space.

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