How to Protect the Door from Rain?

Sun exposure, smog, wind, and rain are atmospheric agents that are constantly in contact with doors and windows.

Both the coldest and hottest seasons can pose a threat to fixtures.

That’s why maintenance is essential: you need to pay attention to the fittings, otherwise, they could deteriorate permanently.

But how do you protect doors and windows and maintain their aesthetic qualities and efficiency over time?

LaClà‘s sectional doors are highly resistant to wind action, water penetration, and air permeability, protecting your garage from bad weather while ensuring the prolonged use of the door and maintaining its aesthetic values for years.

However, it can be useful to know how to protect your door from rain to ensure it functions properly over time.

Preventing Door Damage from Rain

Preserving fixtures over time also guarantees energy savings. For this reason, there are solutions that prevent and protect entry doors and exterior doors from sunlight and atmospheric agents, increasing energy efficiency and living comfort.

Flood Barriers

Flood barriers are barriers that serve to block the entry of water into ground floor homes, garages, as well as commercial establishments or warehouses, in case of heavy rain, floods, or water bombings.

In other words, they act as a barrier against flooding, preventing water from entering the house or any building.

Canopy or Porch

While flood barriers help protect the interior of our home, a canopy or a porch is an alternative to protect our door from rain, sun, and other atmospheric agents.

Moreover, they are very aesthetically pleasing and can add a touch of elegance to our home!

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

It may seem obvious, but proper cleaning and maintenance over time will certainly help protect our door.

For cleaning the door, you should not use harsh products or detergents: a thorough cleaning only requires neutral soap and a soft cloth for drying.

We recommend using 1 liter of hot water, 1 tablespoon of Marseille soap, and a microfiber cloth to wipe over the entire surface of the door. This way, the door will look as good as new!

Finding Suitable Fixtures

Depending on the environmental conditions in which you live, doors and windows can be subjected to thermal fluctuations: a house in the mountains will have different needs than a house built by the sea. That’s why it is essential to rely on professionals to evaluate the characteristics of the environment and the most suitable fixtures based on exposure.

LaClà manufactures sectional doors of high quality in terms of efficiency, durability, performance, functionality, and design. Our garage doors are indeed highly resistant, motorized, and safe.

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