Garage door maintenance

Everyone will have wanted to carry out a simple DIY maintenance of their garage door. But how to do it without being a technician?

Let’s start by saying that this short guide, will suggest you those few and simple operations that you can perform in total safety, and without the need to move the door, to do a short maintenance on your garage door (electric shutter), precisely with do it yourself.

Regardless of the installation date, if you hear some light noise, it will mean that the door is asking you to be heard. For more unusual cases, contact an expert immediately and wait for their arrival.

To ensure, than over the years, your door maintains more fluidity and more silence is important that all its components, maintain a certain lubrication threshold, intervening with a minimum of maintenance on four elements.

  • Torsion spring
  • Guide
  • Hinges
  • Engine

You will need to do the following:

– If very dusty, before starting the lubrication, use a small compressor to blow off the indicated parts; if you don’t have one available, you can use a small brush.
– then use a spray lubricant that does not cause electrical insulation (WD-40 is suitable). Lubricate the indicated parts as follows.

1 – Apply a thin line of oil, using the nozzle of the lubricant, along the entire length of the spring located in the lintel (the torsion spring should be treated with a thin line of oil at least every 6-8 months).
2 – Apply oil to the hinges, which are the metal parts located between each panel, putting two drops of oil at the junction of the two metal parts.
3 – The side guides of the rollers should be treated with a thin line of oil.
4 – The drive guide of the motor should be fully oiled to allow the motor to run smoothly.

While teaching you to take care of your doors, we recommend having a scheduled maintenance contract with LaClà to avoid future injuries, major breakdowns, and to comply with current safety regulations.