Renovation with garage doorYou are renovating your home and looking for a door to your garage?


You live in the province of Cagliari, and you are looking for a company specialized in the construction of garage doors? If like dozens of our current customers, you are struggling with the renovation of your home and are looking for a door that fits your garage, you will find the guide below interesting.


Most likely, before the renovations, the space available for your future garage door will be in one of the following situations

  1. Your garage has an old sliding shutter or overhead shutter
  2. your garage is fully open and still without a lock
  3. the garage was not planned, but given the spaces you are thinking of bringing it up

For years our company has been helping many private individuals who are renovating looking for the best solution to close their garage in the best possible way.

Working for many years in close contact with:

  • young couples at the first restyling of the house they just bought
  • spouses who have decided to give a new touch to their home
  • singles who understand that home is always a good investment
We specialize in advising those who have the idea of ​​a modern renovation, which includes the construction of a garage, box auto.

Our ever growing experience, will allow you to have a free inspection of one of our agents, that allows you to evaluate the installation of a sectional garage door with serenity and awareness, possibly before leaving with the renovation.

This ensures that you know what to do, to ensure that the works you will commission from your trusted construction company, are carried out only once and correctly. Sometimes you can run the risk of not evaluating some details, that if you go deeper in the right moment, they will save you unnecessary expenses.

In fact, I recommend that you meet both workers who will carry out the work in your home, before they are initiated. We have found the best results following this procedure.

To give you an idea, we give you a basic indication that you will always have to consider.

This diagram on the side lets you know the spaces required to install a garage shutter.
You must therefore always have available at least 100 , better if 120 mm for lateral shoulder e 200 mm of architrave.



In addition to this, you will still need expert advice, also by telephone, to evaluate the presence, for example, of:

  • wooden or masonry beams
  • walls not in team
  • positioning of the air conditioner motor (if you need it)
  • presence of electrical panels (do you translate )
  • slopes if necessary
  • presence and distances of partitions and so on.

LACLA‘ provides its services not only in Sanluri, where we have our historic production site, but also in the localities and provinces of Cagliari, Oristano, Sassari, Nuoro, Olbia, Ogliastra, Carbonia and throughout the Sardinia region.

If you wish to receive a on-site quote, following an accurate inspection, contact us directly in the company or contact the agent directly for useful information, exchange photos of the workplace and find out if the sectional garage door is the solution for you too.


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