Garage with Space Issues?

LaClà Doors: The Solution is at Home

When it comes to renovating your home, the customization possibilities are truly endless; but if there is a constant with which before or after, you will find yourself doing the math, is definitely planning the spaces for your new garage.

Apartments, terraced houses, but also single houses, each residential structure needs to divide the spaces in a functional way; especially depending on your garage.

It often happens that these are characterized by inclined internal walls, small passage areas, that make choosing the right closure difficult.
LaClà is well aware of these problems, having designed solutions for every type of garage over the years.

Sectional Doors: Ceiling Technology

For all those situations in which the garage features do not allow the installation of side rails, Laclà has been the leader of ceiling closures in Sardinia for years.

These particular models allow for the installation of guides for sliding along both side walls of the garage (occupying only 100 mm of space), enabling the door to lift to a predefined height, and then rotate 90° to position parallel to the ceiling, leaving the passage opening and both side walls completely free.

The movement is motorized, managed by remote control and button control unit, with courtesy light, which makes use much more comfortable.
Its movement is rapid and equipped with an integrated double safety system, to make the door light fast and safe.

Instead, the finishes and accessories can be customized. Insulated steel panels can have different finishes (all RAL colors on the market, slatted and drawer). Portholes and glazed sections are also available, the latter ideal for commercial spaces that need a showcase on display.

Residential Garage Doors with Pedestrian Door

Another sought-after feature for those who want additional convenience is the closure with a pedestrian door ranging from 800 mm to 1200 mm, with the option to add a panic bar, electric lock, and more.
It is essential for those who do not have a secondary entrance in their garage.

Practical, beautiful, and secure: LaClà’s ceiling sliding doors not only solve space issues but also allow you to decorate your home with style.
If you are curious to know more, send us onerequest a quote, or request a free consultation from our WhatsApp specialist at 3701539930.