The Best Door for a Garage

For many, the garage is synonymous with a roll-up shutter, either manual or motorized, capable of providing adequate protection for their garage.

However, the decision to install a shutter or a door must be preceded by a careful evaluation of specific characteristics, such as: the available space, the type of material, the masonry work required for installation, and the type of door.

It is also important to keep in mind that garage doors must comply with specific regulations: finger protection, fall protection, and lateral anti-hook protection, as well as automatic locking in the presence of unexpected obstacles.

The aesthetic aspect is also to be considered, which may be more or less important depending on whether the door is adjacent to your home or in a basement.

At this point, what is the best door for a garage?

First of all, the primary choice remains between tilt-up doors and sectional doors.


In addition to being increasingly sought after in Italy compared to tilt-up doors, sectional doors have superior quality and offer more solutions as they can slide vertically or horizontally.

Among the main advantages, they save space and easily adapt to any type of garage or parking area.

This type of door also does not protrude: once opened, it is not visible from the outside thanks to the particular structure that allows the door to slide along the guides like a shutter.

Let’s summarize the main advantages:

  • Space-saving;
  • Versatility in placement and easy installation;
  • Quiet operation and thermal insulation;
  • Durability and motorization;
  • Customizable colors.

Now that we know about sectional doors, let’s see which types are best for a garage.


Depending on the model of the sectional door, you can choose from different configurations.

And if you don’t know which one to choose, we at LaClà always recommend the best solution!

For example, our sectional garage doors are made using insulated panels with horizontal sections of 500 or 600 mm, coated with a steel sheet that ensures excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, allowing for better insulation of the garage.

You can also choose a swing garage door: this way, you can, for example, take your bike from the garage without opening the entire door and save a lot of time.

We also offer glazed sectional doors: the insertion of multiple transparent glass elements is the solution that allows you to work with natural external light, significantly increasing the aesthetic impact of the building in which it is installed.

The glazed (or windowed) sectional door is therefore the ideal product for those who want well-lit environments and a secure closure, such as workshops or garages where light is essential.

Finally, the large external openings of commercial buildings, logistics centers, warehouses, fire stations, workshops, car dealerships, or in agriculture are often closed with industrial sectional doors: solid, functional, durable, and above all, safe.